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Our Concept

Our Courses

A new level of engagement in education

Our world leading design team have taken the levels of game design and production employed in the entertainment industry and used them to produce immersive learning workshops.

Game-based learning Multi-media sessions Trained actors Rewards and badges On line Follow up (pipeline)

Experiential multi-disciplinary sessions

Sessions are structured around Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model. We have aligned the skills children need to learn as special agents with many that will help them in school and beyond. 

Problem Solving Creative Thinking Persistence Communication Teamwork

Student immersion in curricular Topics

The time-travelling enemy agency, Kairos, plan to change historical events for their own nefarious ends. Remarkably, they are extremely focused on periods from the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

WWII – Enigma WWII – Radar Romans – Boudicca The Tudors – The Armada Chemistry – Forensics

Our Story

Thrill Education was founded by Jim Salkeld who, after many years in the healthcare sector, decided that he would fill out one last application for MI6 and, if a response was not forthcoming within a week, would start a rival intelligence agency….for children. The theory is pretty simple: children want to learn to be special agents, and the skills that they will need to develop as agents are the same skills that they will need in life.

OK, with a few exceptions.

Our People

Jim Salkeld

CEO / “M”


Henny Seymour

Head of Operations


Tesh Samuel

Game Designer / Agent T


Mink Ette

Game Designer

Andrea Smollan
Educationalist and Learning Designer 
James Gray

Producer / Director and Historian

Kevan Davis

Game Designer 

Alex Moseley

Educational Course Designer / Alternate Reality Game Specialist

“Thrill provided our children with an adventure specifically themed around our Armada topic. The ‘misson narrative’, videos and technology kept the children engaged whilst they learned, practiced and reflected on higher order thinking skills. Our feedback session showed that they retained the teamwork / communication learnings as well as the historical context.” Jonathan Ellen Head of Drama Parkgate House School [Year 6 post exam 3 hour session]

“Thrill captivated our children, combining code breaking with an insight into a critical chapter of WWII. It also allowed them to practice and reflect on teamwork, something that is increasingly valued by secondary schools and corporates alike”. They were still buzzing about it at breakfast the next morning”. Ed Benbow Head of Boarding Pinewood School [Year 6-8, evening boarders session]

“Our children were grabbed from the start by the combination of props, videos and technology, which give the sessions the feeling of a high-quality immersive game. However, far from being ‘just fun’, it is clear that each session has been put together with real thought to allow the children to understand, practice and reflect on skill development.” Michael Schumm Headmaster St Stephens School, W12 London [Year 5 high achievers group]

“My class loved the workshop by Thrill and still talk about it months afterwards. The combination of props and narrative was captivating; teamwork skills and historical knowledge were embedded throughout the session and (feedback showed) retained after it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Thrill to other schools.” Edward O’Brien Science teacher Fulham Prep School [Year 5 topic session]

“In 8 years of after school and holiday clubs I simply have not seen this many children this engaged.” Euan Gordon Kingswood Prep School KPS Active [Year 4 after school session]

“This is a whole level up from anything I have seen before. The videos and tech are used to transport the kids into the world of Infinity Intelligence Agency and the kids loved all the props. Though the kids don’t care as they are just having a ball, this is way better as a communication and problem solving session than any we have done corporately.” Tom B Father of Phoebe 9 and Tilly 11

“Definitely the best thing I have done. Breaking into the WWII boxes and cracking the code was awesome – everyone is talking about it at school. Am definitely going to do another mission.” Oli T, Aged 10.

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